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              Company Profile History Organization Major Customer List  

              Paragon Grinding machines manufactring factoryPARAGON Machinery Co., Ltd, established in 1968, always in keeping with the competitiveness of research and development, had been devoted to the multi-purpose and high precise machine to provide clients with multi choices and service. Over 50 years of hard work, PARAGON, starting by producing traditional small Centerless Grinder in early days, has evolved today as a company specializing in making all kinds of CNC and automatic grinders, such as Centerless Grinder, Internal Grinder, Universal Cylindrical Grinder and ID/OD Twin-Spindle Grinder. With varied choices for different purpose, we can meet clients’ demand more closely and have successfully sold machines to more than 40 countries worldwide.

              We deeply believe that the only way to keep competitive in today’s market is to enhance capability of research and development, quality assurance and customer satisfaction. We work with the utmost diligence to be the best and reliable partner for our clients. Let “PARAGON” be the brand which clients deeply trust and the staffs are proud of is the motive driving PARAGON ahead.


              PARAGON makes efforts on each quality-improving item to assure quality, including obtaining various international and domestic certifications, investing précised inspection instruments, and execution of quality management, etc.

              Paragon excellent certificate

              Certification & Award

              PARAGON has obtained various international and domestic certifications since established in 1968, like CE, ISO9001, SGS certification and Taiwan Excellence Awards.

              Inspection instrument & Air conditioned plant

              To let inspection data be coordinate with international value, PARAGON has invested greatly in the purchase of advanced, precise auto manufacture equipments and measuring devices, including CNC 5-axes Machining Centers, roundness measuring instruments, roughness measuring instruments, Coordinate Measuring Machines in order to produce higher quality and added-value products.

              In addition, a nearly 23,000 square meter circular air conditioned plant is to provide staff a good working environment and to improve the quality control.

              Roundness Tester Coordinate Measuring Machine Contour Tester
              Roundness Tester Coordinate Measuring Machine Contour Tester
              Quality Control

              Strict quality inspection process of material, manufacturing procedures and finished product. Completed inspection is for important material to ensure quality of precise product.

              Supplier management

              Valuate suppliers by quality, delivery and coordination every month and quarter. Annual supplier evaluation and audit to ensure the supplier’s stability and product quality, and assist to improve its manufacturing skills and method.
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              Paragon has taken research and innovation as the basis of the enterprise’s development, and makes efforts to achieve this goal, like recruiting outstanding staff, enhancing the alliance between industry and academic, obtaining lots of patents.

              Outstanding Staff

              In response to the rapid market change, PARAGON recruits several post graduates and offer good training. There are several mechanical doctors and postgraduates in our research and development dept.

              Cooperation between industry and academic

              Paragon also has a strategic alliance with the Industrial the Precise Mechanical Developing Association and other research institutes from several universities in order to achieve the goals of product innovation, design modernization and deepening technological advancements, attributing to steadier competitive advantages.
              Research Ability
              Aircraft turbo-engine vane Aircraft turbo-engine vane grinding machines
              Aircraft turbo-engine vane GT-600CNC


              Patent apply

              To manage the research result, we apply patent for the innovative technology. Therefore, PARAGON owns various leading technology among the competitors as well as publishing dissertation for technology interaction in industry.

              List of the patents is as below:

              Patent No. Description
              184645 Automatic Grinding Wheel Dresser for Sphere and Ball Socket
              174117 Pneumatic Arrangement Conveyer for Small Parts
              217833 Crankshaft fixture for cutting pins with eccentricity adjuster
              M274716 Separate Type and Rolling Type Waterproof Device for Slideway of Machine base
              M307704 Teeth Labyrinth Twin-shaft Seal Device for Spindle of Centerless Grinding Wheel
              M307690 A Protect Device for Bearing by Retaining Pressure as Power Cut Off of Oil Supply
              filing The Pneumatic Device for Lifting Cover by Using Gear Rack
              filing Sealing Device for Detector of Shaft Suface
              filing Air and Liquid Compound Cooling Device for Temperature Control of Spindle and Bearing

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              Manufacturing Procedures Management

              Air conditioned plant is to provide staff a good working environment and to improve the quality control. Regulating according to international standards, and establishing a disciplined and efficient management system.

              Finishing for important machine parts

              Equipped with various finishing machine in the plant, such as High Precision Horizontal Machining Centers and Vertical Grinding Machine. The important machine parts based on material physics characteristics, will be under reasonable machining process with suitable machining device to maintain stability and improve precision. For example, use vibration stress release machine to release the stress in the machine base.
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              Unparalleled, Choice CNC Grinding Solutions.
              PARAGON provides you a total and customized solution by well understanding your demand, from technique consultation, suitable product and accessories purchasing before selling to the training, maintenance after selling.

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