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              Company Profile History Organization Major Customer List  
              1968 Designed the first centerless grinding machine RC-10 and started to manufacture and sell.
              1972 Paragon Machinery Ltd. was officially established.
              1972 Announced RC-12 and RC-18 centerless grinding machines and GU-20 universal cylindrical grinding machine.
              1972 Expanded export business of RC-12 and RC-18 centerless grinding machines.
              1982 Announced RC-14, RC-16 and RC-20 centerless grinding machines.
              1983 Announced RHC-500, 620, 630 high speed centerless grinding machines(heavy-duty).
              1984 Announced hydrostatic bearings of grinding spindle and applied on universal cylindrical grinding machine and centerless grinding machine.
              1986 Announced RIG-150 serial internal grinding machine.
              1987 Announced GU-32 serial and CNC cylindrical grinding machine.
              1989 Expand the second factory with 6000 square meters at Dongping Rd., Taiping City, Taichung county.
              1990 Announced CNC centerless grinding machine.
              1991 Announced CNC internal grinding machine.
              1994 Main office and plant move to Dongping plant.
              1994 Announced CNC cylindrical grinding machine.
              1995 Progressed technique cooperation with Sun Yat-sen Sresearch Institute and analyzed the mechanism rigidity vibration of every serial product.
              1998 The whole serial products of internal grinding machine, centerless grinding machine and CNC cylindrical grinding machine were approved by the German SGS verification, and acquired the CE safety Certificate, MD, LVD and EMC Certificate.
              1999 Cooperated with Sun Yat-sen Science Research Institute and Chung Yuan Christian University, successfully developed the first internal & cylindrical compound grinding machines in Taiwan.
              1999 Suffered 921 earthquake disasters, one of the workshops and office collapsed. The recovering work was done within one month.
              2000 Developed CNC centerless grinding machine compounding with automatic loading and unloading device, on-line automatic measurement and automatic compensation system.
              2000 Announced Taiwan first CNC GT-600 grinding machine special designed for aircraft turbo-engine Vane entrusted by Singapore Aerospace Industry Company.
              2001 Announced RHC-630CNC heavy-duty centerless grinding machine and distributed to bearings manufacturing and adopted by Taiwan Tung Pei Industrial Co., Ltd.
              2002 Announced NC humanized-machine internal grinding machine and adopted by Foxcnn Electronics Inc in China.
              2002 Developed CNC centerless grinding machine combining FANUC ROBOT automatic loading/unloading whole time producing system.
              2002 Start to provide the world-wide famous auto parts supplier, Delphi India, CNC angular grinding machine.
              2003 Cooperated with Sun Yat-sen Science Research Institute and Chung Yuan Christian University to fulfill the development of high speed CNC internal grinding machine combining with linear motor.
              2003 Purchased Mitsui Seiki super precise CNC machine center, Zeiss coordination measuring machine, vertical CNC grinding machine and compound lathe, etc equipments.
              2003 Acquired the ISO9001 certificate of international quality management system.
              2004 Suffered the historic calamity of 72 flood disaster and had nevertheless recovered within 4 months, the first grinding machine was sold finally.
              2005 Finished the development of CNC internal grinding machine integrating auto FANUC ROBOT manipulator and the online auto measurement whole time producing system.
              2005 RHC-630CNC acquired the symbol of excellence awarded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan.
              2006 Moved to Tanzi new plant of 16500 square meters equipped with brand new air condition.
              2006 Announced new technique of hydrodynamic and hydrostatic hybrid bearing, and applied on CNC cylindrical grinding machine.
              2007 Announced RTG-100CNC and RTG-215CNC twin-spindle compound grinding machines.
              2007 Announced GUH/GAH-3540CNC and GUH/GAH-3580 CNC angular cylindrical grinding machine (heavy-duty type).
              2008 Announced GA/GU-2020CNC angular / plunge cylindrical grinding machine (mini type).
              2009 Lanuched the budget quality NC series of Centerless grinder.
              2009 Announced hydrostatic box-style closed-type sliding way.
              2009 Announced Ultra GU-3250CNC polygon grinder for non-round and eccentric parts grinding.
              2010 Finished the development of GAH/GUH-35100CNC angular/plunge cylindrical grinder (heavy-duty).
              2011 Exhibit newly developed RHC-650CNC and GUH/GAH-35150CNC in the Taipei International Machine Tool Show.
              2011 Signed the contract with German tool grinder manufacturer who authorized PARAGON sales of high precision 5-axis tool grinder as PARAGON's own brand.
              2013 Announced RDC-20CNC double-feed centerless grinder and SuperB GU-35/GU-32 B-Axis multi-spindle wheelheads universal cylindrical grinder, which have been displayed respectively in Taipei International Machine Tool Show and EMO Hannover show.
              2012 Exhibit high precision 5-axis tool grinder in domestic and oversea exhibitions, favored by both local and foreign manufacturers.
              2015 Announced GU-3550CNC polygon cylindrical grinder in China International Machine Tool Show。
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